Registration of Businesses & Licenses

Thinking to start a new business? It's always better to have an expert CA guiding you in your entrepreneurial journey.

Starting a new business is a complex procedure, where tax and legal aspects should also be looked for. Our business launch experts advise entrepreneurs on step by step approach starting from the pre-incorporation period till rolling out of business operations. Our team understands the business requirements and guides accordingly for the best legal form such as which legal form will be best for you, We will guide you whether forming a Private limited company will be a better option or a humble Limited Liability Partnership or plain vanilla Partnership will do the trick. We also undertake to smoothen Tax & legal compliances for your business such as GST Registrations, Manufacturing Licenses, Start-Up India Status and other mandatory business certifications to ensure a confident Business launch. With an Integrated team of Expert CA, Business Lawyers, and management professional you can trust MGR & Co. Chartered Accountants for a precise and proper business launching experience.

  • Company Formation:- An comprehensive service to understand the requirement of business and Guiding Incorporation of appropriate legal form for business, such as Private Limited Company incorporation, Limited Liability Partnership Formation, Joint Venture set up, A Manufacturing company set up, Subsidiary set Up, Etc.

  • Foreign Subsidiary Incorporation in India:- Setting up a wholly-owned, or Partially controlled subsidiary in India, Can be challenging task but not for our expert team, Our expert team can co-ordinate with the foreign parent company to deliver a well crafted and fit for purpose subsidiary as per the objective of the foreign parent company. Apart from that, we are well equipped to handle all ROC compliances, Income tax, and GST Compliance as well as all dual country reporting requirement including, Transaction audit, FEMA and FERA regulations.

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  • Branch Office Set up for Foreign companies:- A limited purpose Branch office for an Off-shore company in India can be set up for various purpose such as Liasoning, Compliance co-ordination, Marketing, News collection. However, the documentation is key to avoid tax net while serving the limited and defined role of the branch office in India. Our Business set up team can assist and guide the way to set up a well documented and compliant Branch Office for foreign companies in India.

  • Joint Venture Set-up:- Planning a business joint venture with complete transparency can only be achieved through pre-operation consulting and expert and detailed documentation. Trust our expertise to draft and register a professional level Joint Venture to take the benefit of mutual effort while avoiding confusion and conflicts. We offer Joint venture consulting, Partner search, Joint venture incorporation and complete legal and tax compliances in India. Go ahead with confidence for you national or international Joint Venture with our professional services for Joint Venture consulting and compliance.

  • Consulting on legal and tax due diligence:- Thinking to Start a Business in India, Take expert consulting on legal and tax compliance in India. With our Inhouse Experts in Taxation and international legal compliance along with a network of professionals, We are well equipped to provide a professional level of compliance and consulting services for business in India and abroad.

  • Tax Registration and Business Certifications:- Let our dedicated Business Launch team take care of all mandatory business registrations and certifications, Right from Company formation to GST registrations, EPF and ESIC, Profession Tax, ROC and Other Legal compliances.

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