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Are your businesses ready for annual GST return filing and to face GST audit?
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How to file form GSTR 9 and GST Audit in form GSTR 9C?

As the last date to file annual GST returns and GST audit is 30th June 2019, most of the businesses that are registered in GST tax regime are getting ready for it. While some have all the resources to meet the compliance there is a majority of GST registered taxpayers who are still struggling to understand it.

Filing wrong return is the worst choice you can do, as it will open a panorama of notices, inquiries, and demands for clarifications both from Income tax and GST as well.

As Income tax has also started sharing information with GSTN, your annual GST returns should also be reconciled and matched with your Income tax returns and financial statements.

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With so much on stack, the best option is to seek guidance and support of CA firm who are well versed with provisions of filing of GSTR 9, GSTR 9A and GSTR 9C (GST Audit).

MGR & CO, Chartered Accountant has taken the initiative to guide and assist all MSME GST registered Assesse to file correct, and within due date annual GST return and to meet GST Audit requirement. We have mentioned a few FAQ about GST Audit and GST annual return filing for your reference.

How MGR & CO, Chartered Accountants can assist me in filing our returns?

We are providing following services to GST registered MSME clients

  • Advisory on specific issue in GSTR 9 or GSTR 9A or GSTR 9C filing
  • Filling form on behalf of Clients
  • Assisting Client in meeting GST auditors requirement and supporting
  • Training to Staff to for GSTR filing and preparing records for GSTR audit

Who are liable to file GST annual return i.e. Form GSTR 9?

Practically every GST registered entity, who has registered before 31st march 2018, should file an Annual GST return in form no GSTR 9 or GSTR9A. There are provision under which filing of annual return will not be required however the eligibility for such exemption is very strict and almost rarely any business will qualify for same. The Criteria for exemption from filing of Annual GST returns are:-

  • 1) No business transaction in whole period
  • 2) Non receipt of any services/Goods from any GST registered dealer or Composition dealer

Apart from that following type of GST Registered entity need not to file GST Annual returns in form no GSTR 9: -

  • 1) Casual Taxable Person
  • 2) Composition Dealer (Need to file form No GSTR 9A)
  • 3) Input Service distributor (ISD)
  • 4) Non- Resident taxable Person
  • 5) Person who has just paid TDS

What are forms to file Annual GSTR Return?

We are providing following services to GST registered MSME clients

  • GSTR-9 :- Annual GST Return
  • GSTR 9A :- Composition Dealer
  • GSTR 9B :- Ecommerce Dealer (Applicable for FY 2018-19)
  • GSTR 9C :- GST Audit

What is Last date to file GST annual return and GST Audit?

We are providing following services to GST registered MSME clients

  • The due date for GST Annual Return- 30th June 2019
  • The due date for GST audit return- 30th June 2019

Is there any penalty for non filing of form GSTR 9?

We are providing following services to GST registered MSME clients

    Yes there is a late fees of Rs 200 per day, which can be extended upto .25% of Turnover of the entity whichever is more.

Is it required to file GSTR 9 even I don’t have any business transaction for the year 2017-18?

There are exemptions to certain kind of GST registered dealers however the criterion to qualify for such exemption from filing annual GSTR return is quite strict. We advise to file the GSTR 9 return even in case there is no sale transaction as compared to being subject to Notice and late fees from the department latter.

I have registered to GST however Now I surrendered my GST, Do I still need to file my GSTR 9?

Yes, Even you are registered for one day in the financial year 2017-18 under GST regime; you are liable to file GST annual return.

What is turnover to qualify for GST audit?

GST Audit should be done to all taxpayer whose turnover in the financial year 2017-18 exceedsRs 2 crore. The turnover will include following: -

  • Sales under GST charging
  • Sales/Services exempt from GST
  • Export of Goods/ Services by payment of or without payment of GST
  • Transfer of Goods from the branch holding different GST numbers
  • Goods/Services supplied free of cost

Does Turnover need to be reckoned Branch-wise or Company wise?

The Turnover will be considered Company wise and not branch wise If a Company has turnover more than 2 crore but branch wise turnover in less than 2 cr, where all the branches are holding separate GST registration. Every branch needs to file the GSTR 9 as well as GSTR 9C.

What are details required to file GST annual return in form no GSTR 9?

To initiate the GST annual return, a taxpayer should be ready with following documents/details:-

  • Sales invoices
  • Purchase (Input credit) Invoices
  • Form 2A downloaded
  • Details prepared at the time of filing of Form GSTR 3A for whole year
  • Details prepared to file form GSTR 1
  • Trans I and Trans II form details
  • Audited/Finalized Financial statements
  • Data file with Rate wise input and Output GST
  • For Goods supplier and Exporter, E-way bills
  • Reconciliation statement for GST audit, such as Turnover reconciliation, GSTR form 3A and 3A reconciliation. The requirement of details may vary business to business. We have herewith enlisted simple checklist for GST audit.

How to appoint CA for GST audit?

Any CA firm can do a GST audit except your Statutory auditor

How to file GSTR 9C?

CA firm appointed by you to carry out GST Audit will file GSTR 9C

Where the format for GSTR 9 can be found?

The GSTR form is an online form so, you have to simply login into GSTN portal and file all the details. There is no separate excel form to be downloaded.

Can I file my annual GST return myself?

Yes, sure if you are well versed and all the related data is available with you, you dont need any CA to file form GSTR 9. However you can get it checked or vetted by some CA to avoid filing wrong annual GST return and getting into unnecessary tax tangle. As GSTR 9 cannot be revised so be careful while submitting the form.

I used to file my GST return my self, Now I need a CA to assist me in filing GSTR 9, where I can find such CA firm?

Any CA firm can assist you, If you are looking to get a proper assitance in filing of accurate Annual GST return you can contact us @ [email protected]

We have set up a separate team to assist new client and guide them to file correct Annual GST return before due date of 30th June 2018